"Slovenia's unique innovative PIANO PERCUSSION duo presents original compositions, moving between haunting lyrical melodies and elevating rhythms and beats, blending contemporary jazz and the duo's Slavic roots."

It all started 10 years ago in Maribor, Slovenia...



Man can view the same thing from different angles and in a similar way can also hear the same music piece in different ways. 

Album "Point of Views" reflects Damir's and Kristijan's unique music approach, through which beautiful melodies and diverse rhythmical structures can be heard as simple, but at the same time can be analysed as complex. It depends from which angle you are looking from.

Recorded: Basement Studio by Danilo Ženko

Mix & Mastering: Sebastian Duh

Design: Dejan Bulut

Published by: KUD Baobab



Duo Harmelogic

Unique piano percussion duo presents an exciting and logical mixture of authentic rhythmics, harmony and melodic themes. Original compositions were inspired by different music traditions, which are still being explored by Kris and Damir.

The two musicians come from different musical backgrounds, which they gladly exchange with each other
and emphasize. For that reason, they named their fresh published album "Point of views”.

Ten years of their music style development has produced a unique interaction between percussion and piano. Harmelogic has become an artistic duo that has not been heard
before. Although its music is heavily based on Balkan, Mediterranean and African cultures, you will also hear a fresh modern music influence, with elements of jazz, blues, latin and hip hop.


Kris Korat


He finished his basic and master studies at Anton Bruckner’s music university in jazz field, being mentored by Dejan Pečenko and Helmut Schoenleitner. His Master thesis that covers a subject of complex eastern traditional odd rhythms in relation to jazz was only the beginning of his further exploration. His way of composing and
expressive playing creates simple melodies that are easy on the ear, even though they are built on complex and difficult rhythmical patterns, which makes the melodies innovative and original.

He performed and collaborated with various musicians and ensemblesin his country and abroad:
Stefan Milenković, Naturally 7, Rufus Cappadocia, Sekou
Kouyate, Bajsa Arifovska, Kandia Kouyate, Haig Yazdijan, Simone Zanchini, Zoltan Lantos, Glen Velez, Jadranka Juras, Simfonični orkester
SNG Maribor, Marko Črncec, Maja Keuc, Nuška Drašček, Perpetuum Jazzile, Contrix, 4Given, Trkaj and others.

Damir Mazrek


He is creating a unique rhythmical fusion of various music customs and cultures. He is deeply involved in the research of the traditional and modern styles of music, on the basis of which his own style of playing is being developed. He was mentored by numerous traditional musical masters, such as Pt. Suresh Talwalkar, Thomas Guei, Harouna Dembele, Ruben Dantas etc., through which he deepened his
knowledge and understanding of Flamenco, Balkan-Gipsy, Indian and West African tradition.

He performed in different parts of the world and also collaborated with renowned musicians and dancers, such as: Rufus Cappadocia, Sekou Kouyate, Bajsa Arifovska, Kandia Kouyate, Ratko Dautovski, Mirsad Demirov, Milijam Destanovski, Haig Yazdijan, Zoltan Lantoš, Theodossi Spasov, Vladko Stefanovski,Nino Mureških, Helmut Schonleitner, Vasko Atanasovski, Marko Črnčec, Andraž Mazi, Dejan Berden, Igor Leonardi, Maša Kagao Knez, Nestor Kuame, Daoded Grazai, Tina Muraus, Basta Dao, Thomas Guei, Sory Diabate, Goce Dimovski, Goran Bojčevski, Carmina Slovenica, RTV Big Band and others.

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